Catharina J. Venverloo

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The microtubule distribution during the transition from interphase to the mitotic phase was examined at ultrastructural level in large highly vacuolated cells ofNautilocalyx lynchii and in small non-vacuolated cells ofPisum sativum. Both cell types contain, besides preprophase bands and perinuclear microtubules, also microtubules radiating from the nucleus(More)
In the highly vacuolated epidermis cells of leaf explants of Nautilocalyx we investigated whether inhibition of cytokinesis by 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile (DCB) could be caused by a suppression of the formation of phragmosome and band of microtubules (BMT), two structures which are probably involved in cytokinesis and in the determination of the plane of cell(More)
In small leaf explants fromNautilocalyx lynchii (Hook. f.) Sprague (Gesneriaceae) the vacuolated epidermal cells divide after 3–4 days. Most cells divide periclinally, but longitudinal and transverse divisions are also found. Before mitosis the cells form a phragmosome (PS), a cytoplasmic structure which contacts the cell cortex at the future division site.(More)
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