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Population dynamics of common intertidal bivalves (Cerastoderma edule, Macoma balthica, Mya arenaria, My-tilus edulis) are strongly related to seawater temperatures. In northwestern European estuaries, series of mild winters followed by low bivalve recruit densities lead to small adult stocks. In this study, we examine temperature-induced effects on(More)
Intertidal blue mussel beds are important for the functioning and community composition of coastal ecosystems. Modeling spatial dynamics of intertidal mussel beds is complicated because suitable habitat is spatially heterogeneously distributed and recruitment and loss are hard to predict. To get insight into the main determinants of dispersion, growth and(More)
We present a method to calibrate and validate observational models that interrelate remotely sensed energy fluxes to geophysical variables of land and water surfaces. Coincident sets of remote sensing observation of visible and microwave radiations and geophysical data are assembled and subdivided into calibration (Cal) and validation (Val) data sets. Each(More)
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