Catharina E A Lindenburg

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BACKGROUND Although hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment has shown to be effective, uptake of treatment among active drug users is still low. The Drug Users Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis-C project aims to offer active drug users in Amsterdam HCV testing and treatment using a multidisciplinary approach. METHODS The study population comprises drug users(More)
OBJECTIVE To study temporal changes in HIV incidence, HIV transmission routes, and both injecting and sexual risk behaviour in the open Amsterdam Cohort Study (ACS) among drug users. Initiated in 1985, the ACS enables us to study changes in trends since HAART became widespread in 1996. METHODS Person-time techniques were used to study the trend in HIV(More)
Long-term effects of therapeutic vaccination of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1-infected subjects with HIV-1 p17/p24:Ty virus-like particles (p24-VLP) on progression to AIDS, death, a CD4 cell count <or=200 cells/mm(3) and CD4 cell count decline were studied in a multicenter cohort study of 56 individuals who participated in a phase II double-blind(More)
OBJECTIVES Dilatation of the common bile duct (CBD) can be an ominous sign for malignancy of the pancreatobiliary tract; however, it has also been described as a presumably harmless side effect of opioid use. We investigated the prevalence and determinants of CBD dilatation among drug users receiving methadone maintenance therapy in the Netherlands. (More)
Damping of two deformation modes by one control loop has been demonstrated by simulation for a typcial 3 MW wind turbine. The vibration levels of the 2 and 3 in-plane modal modes were significantly reduced. Calculations with the aerodynamic code PHATAS showed an overall in-plane fatigue load reduction by ca 40%. The control loop includes a Kalman filter(More)
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