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BACKGROUND We report the results of cementless total hip arthroplasty with a tapered, rectangular titanium stem that was introduced in 1979 and continues to be used today with only minor changes. The aim of the design is to achieve primary stability to resist rotational and axial forces through precision rasping and press-fit implantation of a tapered,(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the use of a hyaluronic acid/polycaprolactone material for meniscal tissue engineering and to evaluate the tissue regeneration after the augmentation of the implant with expanded autologous chondrocytes. Eighteen skeletally mature sheep were treated. The animals were divided into three groups: cell-free scaffold,(More)
Between October 1986 and November 1987, 208 total hip arthroplasties were performed with use of the cementless Zweymüller stem and a threaded cup in 200 consecutive patients. Of 102 patients (108 hips) who were available for follow-up at a minimum of 180 months postoperatively, eighty-three (eighty-nine hips) had the primary joint replacement still intact.(More)
BACKGROUND Both microfracture (MFX) and matrix associated autologous cartilage transplantation (MACT) are currently used to treat cartilage defects of the talus. T2 mapping of the ankle at 7 T has the potential to assess the collagen fibril network organization of the native hyaline cartilage and of the repair tissue (RT). This study provides first results(More)
UNLABELLED Fifty-six years after the introduction of Chiari's pelvic osteotomy, we report the long-term function scores and radiographic grade of osteoarthritis in 66 patients with 80 pelvic osteotomies with a minimum followup time of 27 years (average, 32 years; range, 27-48 years). These 66 patients were those who could be contacted and who returned for a(More)
Different timing and approaches to screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) are used in the orthopaedic community. Thus ultrasonographic screening programs and reports based on clinical examinations produced differing incidence rates of DDH. Furthermore different risk factors and a change of incidence of DDH in the last decades were discussed.(More)
UNLABELLED Studies investigating the outcome of pigmented villonodular synovitis have been restricted to certain locations or types of the disease and have not provided adequate documentation of followup. We asked the following questions: What were the recurrence rates especially when considering location and type of pigmented villonodular synovitis?; What(More)
To evaluate the feasibility, effectiveness, and long-term bowel function of preoperative hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy in primary resectable rectal cancer. A total of 184 consecutive patients (median age 65 years, male : female=2 : 1) with clinical T3Nx rectal adenocarcinoma received preoperative pelvic radiation therapy with single fractions(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the behavior of ovine meniscal cells seeded on biomaterials made from collagen and hyaluronan, respectively. Ovine meniscal cells were isolated from the medial menisci of stifle joints, expanded in monolayer culture, and seeded on scaffolds made of collagen type II and I/III and a hyaluronan derivative (Hyaff-11).(More)
In 2002 and 2006, we reported the long-term results of 208 total hip replacements performed with the Zweymüller stem and a threaded cup in 200 patients. The present study gives an update on this patient cohort. At a minimum of twenty years postoperatively, seventy-three patients (seventy-five hips) were available for follow-up; twelve patients were lost to(More)