Cathal M. Brugha

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Nomology, a decision science approach to structuring qualitative decisions, is used to show that the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) corresponds to a generic structure based on a Convincing process embedded within a Committing process, both of which were formalised originally by Kant as dialectical processes. The key decision issue in the SDLC is(More)
At the Second Conference on Philosophical Aspects of Information Systems in 1998 the contributors presented their views with the help of various metaphors and frameworks including Dialectics, Constructivism, Soft Systems Methods, Autopoiesis, and the Panopticon. A meta-system that could encompass these frameworks would help to develop the discussion.(More)
ion. Because the principal activities form a complete set, any response must fall into one of the eight categories. Nevertheless, the biggest di±culty with the procedure is the allocation of answers to the categories that emerge as the responses are synthesized. The method developed over many cases has been to allocate the easier ones ̄rst. Then the more(More)