Cathérine Bovie

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Infection of plants by necrotizing pathogens can lead to the rapid and localized induction of a complex set of defense responses resulting in a restriction of pathogen growth and spread. Subsequently, an increase of plant resistance against a broad spectrum of pathogens is observed systemically. This plant immunity is known as Systemic Acquired Resistance.(More)
The linear mitochondrial DNAs of the two infertile algal species Chlamydomonas smithii and C. reinhardtii are co-linear with the exception of a 1 kb intron (α intron) located in the cytochrome b gene of C. smithii. C. smithii also possesses an additional HpaI restriction site (H marker) located in the COXI gene, about 5 kb from the intron. In reciprocal(More)
In the present study, we determined the gene hypermethylation profiles of normal tissues adjacent to invasive breast carcinomas and investigated whether these are associated with the gene hypermethylation profiles of the corresponding primary breast tumors. A quantitative methylation-specific PCR assay was used to analyze the DNA methylation status of 6(More)
In this study, a comparative quantitative methylation profiling of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) and non-IBC was set up for the identification of tumor-specific methylation patterns. Methylation ratios of six genes (DAPK, TWIST, HIN-1, RASSF1A, RARbeta2 and APC) were measured in benign breast tissues (n = 9) and in tumor samples from non-IBC (n = 81) and(More)
Ilse Van der Auwera ( Cathérine Bovie ( Cecilia Svensson ( Xuan B Trinh ( Ridha Limame ( Peter van Dam ( Steven J Van Laere ( Eric A Van Marck ( Luc Y Dirix(More)
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