Caterina Missero

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PTHrP gene expression was evaluated in a murine keratinocyte line, Pam 212K, transformed with E1A and ras. We found that the 12S-E1A oncogene, with or without ras transformation, markedly reduced PTHrP mRNA expression. Using transient transfection assays, we found that the 12S isoform repressed activity from a 5'PTHrP-driven reporter gene. E1A-induced(More)
Expression of oncogenic Ras in thyroid cells results in loss of expression of several thyroid-specific genes and inactivation of TTF-1, a homeodomain-containing transcription factor required for normal development of the thyroid gland. In an effort to understand how signal transduction pathways downstream of Ras may be involved in suppression of the(More)
The multilayered epidermis is established through a stratification program, which is accompanied by a shift from symmetric toward asymmetric divisions (ACD), a process under tight control of the transcription factor p63. However, the physiological signals regulating p63 activity in epidermal morphogenesis remain ill defined. Here, we reveal a role for(More)
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