Caterina Mauri

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We present an annotation model of modality which is (i) cross-linguistic, relying on a wide, strongly typologically motivated approach, and (ii) hierarchical and layered, accounting for both factuality and speaker’s attitude, while modelling these two aspects through separate annotation schemes. Modality is defined through cross-linguistic categories, but(More)
The family caregiver role is a vital element of home-based patient care. At home, the achievement of the care plan may depend on the physician's relationship with the patient's caregiving network. Caregivers often tolerate an incalculable emotional burden for their work. Although many enjoy a profound sense of benefit and get deep satisfaction in this role,(More)
The aim of this paper is to explore the degree to which semantic maps and conceptual spaces may comprehensively describe cross-linguistic variation by discussing the types of phenomena that may be consistently represented in a unified account. By analyzing the cross-linguistic coding of coordination relations, it will be argued that the degree to which(More)
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