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Several personality traits are mainly expressed in a social context, and others, which are not restricted to a social context, can be affected by the social interactions with conspecifics. In this paper, we focus on the recently proposed hypothesis that social niche specialization (i.e. individuals in a population occupy different social roles) can explain(More)
Reintroductions inherently involve a small number of founders leading reintroduced populations to be prone to genetic drift and, consequently, to inbreeding depression. Assessing the origins as the genetic diversity and structure of reintroduced populations compared to native populations are thus crucial to foresee their future. Here, we aim to clarify the(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the growth response of pigs to a bite block, preparatory to investigating the functional correlates of altered growth. Three miniature pigs (Sus scrofa) wore bite-opening appliances, creating an anterior opening of 18-20 mm, for 42-67 days. Three untreated pigs served as controls. All animals received tantalum(More)
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