Caterina Fenu

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Large-scale networks arise in many applications. It is often of interest to be able to identify the most important nodes of a network or to ascertain the ease of traveling between nodes. These and related quantities can be determined by evaluating expressions of the form u T f (A)w, where A is the adjacency matrix that represents the graph of the network, f(More)
Approximations of matrix-valued functions of the form W T f (A)W , where A ∈ R m×m is symmetric, W ∈ R m×k , with m large and k m, has orthonormal columns, and f is a function, can be computed by applying a few steps of the symmetric block Lanczos method to A with initial block-vector W ∈ R m×k. Golub and Meurant have shown that the approximants obtained in(More)
We develop numerical algorithms for the efficient evaluation of quantities associated with generalized matrix functions [J. Our algorithms are based on Gaussian quadrature and Golub–Kahan bidiagonalization. Block variants are also investigated. Numerical experiments are performed to illustrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our techniques in computing(More)
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