Caterina Contini

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Mangroves are among the most threatened ecosystems in the world and the coastal forests of East Africa are no exception to this trend. Although conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable management plans have been developed in various tropical regions, only a few locally based approaches have been launched along the Indian Ocean coast of Africa. In order(More)
The study aims to identify future trends in food habits by comparing the food choices made in Italy by Generation X in the year 2000 with those of Generation Y in 2009. The analysis was conducted utilising the food expenditures surveyed by the National Statistics Institute on a representative sample of consumers. Segmentation was performed using the Latent(More)
Adriano Macia is a PhD candidate in the Systems Ecology Department, University of Stockholm. He holds a MSc degree in Marine Zoology from the University of Goteborg, Sweden. He is a lecturer in Marine Biology at the University Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo. He has research interests on the interlinkages between mangroves and commercial penaeid shrimps (the(More)
Consumer preferences about locally grown foods have been studied principally as they concern meals consumed in the home, while knowledge about consumptions outside the home is still fragmented. Studying the relationship between local foods and out of the home consumptions instead proves particularly interesting, considering the growth of eating out habits.(More)
1. A Brief History of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Management of Wetlands 2. Wetlands: Definition and Classification 3. Ecological Functions of Wetlands 3.1. Mangroves: An Example of a Multifunctional Wetland 4. Productivity and Biodiversity of Wetlands 4.1. Productivity 4.2. Reservoirs of Biodiversity 4.2.1. An Integrated Biodiversity Reservoir: The(More)
1. Wetlands as Grazing Grounds 1.1. Wetlands and Traditional Seasonal Grazing: La Puna, Argentina–Bolivia–Chile– Peru 2. Grazing in Wetlands: Should this Threat be Prohibited? 2.1. Maintaining Biodiversity through Semi-Extensive Grazing: Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica 3. Integrated Grazing Management in Wetlands: New Approaches 3.1. Combining(More)
Meat is expensive to produce, making it is essential to understand the importance consumers pay to different meat cuts. Previous research on consumers' meat choices has mainly focused on meat species, while consumer preferences for meat cuts has so far only received limited interest. The aim of this study is to shed some light into this relatively(More)
BACKGROUND The wine-growing sector is probably one of the agricultural areas where the ties between product quality and territory are most evident. Geographical indication is a key element in this context, and previous literature has focused on demonstrating how certification of origin influences the wine purchaser's behavior. However, less attention has(More)
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