Caterina Chioda

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Mesenteric lipodystrophy is a rare pathological condition affecting the mesentery. Its initial presentation is typically asymptomatic. Pathological characteristics are unspecific, and generally attributed to inflammation, unless the diagnosis is suspected. Laparoscopy done for other reasons has been, as in this case, unsuccessful in providing evidence for(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The Marsh-Oberhuber classification of duodenojejunal mucosal lesions is currently used for celiac disease. A more simplified classification, which is based on 3 villous morphologies (A, non-atrophic; B1, atrophic, villous-crypt ratio <3:1; B2, atrophic, villi no longer detectable) and an intraepithelial lymphocyte count of >25/100(More)
Inflammatory pseudotumor of lymph nodes (IPT-LN) represents an unusual cause of lymphadenitis of unknown etiology. Upon the observation of a case of IPT-LN associated with Treponema pallidum (Tp) infection, we analyzed a series of 9 IPT-LN and 9 extranodal IPT (spleen, 4 cases; lung, orbit, gut, skin, and liver) for the presence of Tp, using a polyclonal(More)
The Authors describe a case of a man (68 years) affected by renal metastasis from pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Additional metastases had been detected in the liver, in the spleen and in the small intestine. The man underwent radical nephrectomy (to prevent hematuria), splenectomy and biopsies in liver and small intestine. After surgery the patient refused(More)
In relation to DNA index we have studied 18 cases of differently evoluted carcinoma of the colon, some incoherently (8) other in agreement (10) with staging. Static and flow cytometric techniques have been employed, the first by means of densitometric study on paraffin sections with the Feulgen method, the second based on application of Hedley method on(More)
The retroperitoneal primitive tumors are rare and the majority are malignant. Frequently the preoperative diagnosis is difficult because they show many clinical symptoms depending on the organs involved. A case of primitive retroperitoneal tumor with left varicocele syndrome as a first clinical manifestation is described.
Fresh smears of 400 consecutive cases of breast lumps stained with Feulgen stain were measured with densitometric technique in static cytometry. A correlation was observed between DNA content expressed by the DNA index and histologic grading of malignant lesions; relatively high values were observed in the group of "hyperplasias", which were similar to G1.(More)
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