Caterina Borgna Pignatti

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Thromboembolic (TE) events have been frequently reported in beta-thalassemic patients in association with known risk factors such as diabetes, complex cardiopulmonary abnormalities, hypothyroidism, liver function anomalies, and postsplenectomy thrombocytosis. In a recent survey involving 9 Italian thalassemic centers, we identified 32 patients with TE(More)
We have analyzed the type of MYC/IG heavy-chain locus (IGH) rearrangement present in 15 patients affected by t(8;14)-positive primary Burkitt's lymphoma or acute lymphoblastic leukemia of the L3 type in an attempt to map in detail the locations of the chromosome 8 and chromosome 14 breakpoints. The almost constant position of the chromosome 8 breakpoint(More)
Neridronate is a third generation bisphosphonate with established efficacy in metabolic bone disease. In this randomized, open-label study, 118 adults with β-thalassaemia and bone mineral density (BMD) Z scores ≤-2·0 were randomized 1:1-500 mg calcium with 400 international unis (iu) vitamin D daily or 500 mg calcium with 400 iu vitamin D daily plus(More)
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