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Light Weapons reports the findings of the first phase of a multi-year and multi-agency initiative to appraise the impacts of small arms availability and misuse on a particular segment of the civilian community—humanitarian and development personnel. While an array of  Secretary-General reports and anec-dotal studies have highlighted the dangers of armed(More)
1. Cigarette smoking has been identified as the single most important source of preventable morbidity and premature mortality in the United States for each of the past 25 years. Despite a smoking rate of 50% to 84%, persons with psychiatric illness have not been the target of any documented smoking health risk education in current literature. 2. Most nurses(More)
In theLine ofFire About the organisations The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue is an independent and impartial organisation, based in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated to dialogue on humanitarian issues, the resolution of violent conflict and the alleviation of its impacts on people. The Centre facilitates high-level, low-key dialogue amongst principal actors(More)
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