Catarina Träger

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BACKGROUND Sensitive monitoring of minimal residual disease may improve the treatment of neuroblastoma in children. To detect and monitor neuroblastoma cells in blood and bone marrow, we developed a quantitative method for the analysis of tyrosine hydroxylase mRNA. METHODS We used real-time reverse transcription-PCR. The calibrator was constructed from a(More)
BACKGROUND An infective, mostly viral basis has been found in different human cancers. To test the hypothesis of a possible infectious aetiology for central nervous system (CNS) tumours in children, we investigated the associations with proxy measures of exposure to infectious disease. METHODS In a large case-control study nested in the populations of(More)
Aggressive neuroblastoma remains a significant cause of childhood cancer death despite current intensive multimodal treatment protocols. The purpose of the present work was to characterize the genetic and clinical diversity of such tumors by high resolution arrayCGH profiling. Based on a 32K BAC whole-genome tiling path array and using 50-250K Affymetrix(More)
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