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The adaptive threat-detection advantage takes the form of a preferential orienting of attention to threatening scenes. In this study, we compared attention to social scenes in 15 high-functioning individuals with autism (ASD) and matched typically developing (TD) individuals. Eye-tracking was recorded while participants were presented with pairs of scenes,(More)
Insulin-loaded alginate microspheres prepared by emulsification/internal gelation were reinforced by blending with polyanionic additive polymers and/or chitosan-coating in order to increase the protection of insulin at simulated gastric pH and obtain a sustained release at simulated intestinal pH. Polyanionic additive polymers blended with alginate were(More)
Chitosan-coated alginate microspheres prepared by emulsification/internal gelation were chosen as carriers for a model protein, hemoglobin (Hb), owing to nontoxicity of the polymers and mild conditions of the method. The influence of process variables related to the emulsification step and microsphere recovering and formulation variables, such as alginate(More)
Bacillus subtilis has recently come into the focus of research on bacterial protein-tyrosine phosphorylation, with several proteins kinases, phosphatases and their substrates identified in this Gram-positive model organism. B. subtilis protein-tyrosine phosphorylation system PtkA/PtpZ was previously shown to regulate the phosphorylation state of UDP-glucose(More)
Alginate microspheres prepared by emulsification/internal gelation were chosen as carriers for a model protein, hemoglobin (Hb). Reinforced chitosan-coated microspheres were obtained by an uninterrupted method, in order to simplify the coating process, minimize protein losses during production and to avoid Hb escape under acidic conditions. Microspheres(More)
Recombinant human insulin was encapsulated within alginate microspheres by the emulsification/internal gelation technique with the objective of preserving protein stability during encapsulation procedure. The influence of process and formulation parameters was evaluated on the morphology and encapsulation efficiency of insulin. The in vitro release of(More)
Furnas volcano is one of the three quiescent central volcanoes of São Miguel Island (Azores Archipelago, Portugal). Its present activity is marked by several degassing manifestations, including fumarolic fields, thermal and cold CO2 springs and soil diffuse degassing areas. One of the most important soil diffuse degassing areas extends below Furnas village,(More)
This study investigates the spatiotemporal brain dynamics of emotional information processing during reading using a combination of surface and intracranial electroencephalography (EEG). Two different theoretical views were opposed. According to the standard psycholinguistic perspective, emotional responses to words are generated within the reading network(More)
Nowadays health concerns are effectively becoming ubiquitous. Most people have the need to effectively control their nutritional consumptions, mostly due to health issues. Personal computational devices may assist this control with a solution that allows an efficient management of each individual nutritional profile. In this work we propose a mobile service(More)
BACKGROUND Most developed countries have considered population ageing as one of the economic challenges that need to be overcome. Managing ageing has led to consideration of a number of policies where it is essential to increase the employment rate for older workers. OBJECTIVE This study aims to analyze the working conditions which tend to be perceived as(More)