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Members of the polo-like kinase (PLK) family are crucial regulators of cell cycle progression, centriole duplication, mitosis, cytokinesis and the DNA damage response. PLKs undergo major changes in abundance, activity, localization and structure at different stages of the cell cycle. They interact with other proteins in a tightly controlled spatiotemporal(More)
Centrioles are essential for the assembly of both centrosomes and cilia. Centriole biogenesis occurs once and only once per cell cycle and is temporally coordinated with cell-cycle progression, ensuring the formation of the right number of centrioles at the right time. The formation of new daughter centrioles is guided by a pre-existing, mother centriole.(More)
We live today under the empire of image. After oral and written words, image acquires an unprecedented relevance. It dramatically determines our life, both our way of seeing the world and of performing our individual and collective existence. Our aim is to present a video installation – Body-image – followed by a discussion where, taking images of the body(More)
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