Catarina Mendes Silva

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Chitosan-coated alginate microspheres prepared by emulsification/internal gelation were chosen as carriers for a model protein, hemoglobin (Hb), owing to nontoxicity of the polymers and mild conditions of the method. The influence of process variables related to the emulsification step and microsphere recovering and formulation variables, such as alginate(More)
Recombinant human insulin was encapsulated within alginate microspheres by the emulsification/internal gelation technique with the objective of preserving protein stability during encapsulation procedure. The influence of process and formulation parameters was evaluated on the morphology and encapsulation efficiency of insulin. The in vitro release of(More)
Shiftwork is common in medical training and is necessary for 24-h hospital coverage. Shiftwork poses difficulties not only because of the loss of actual sleep hours but also because it can affect other factors related to lifestyle, such as food intake, physical activity level, and, therefore, metabolic patterns. However, few studies have investigated the(More)
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