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Aggregating and Managing Big Realtime Data in the Cloud - Application to Intelligent Transport for Smart Cities
This paper presents the approach for developing data storage, data cleaning and data integration services to make an efficient decision support system and proposes big data management strategies for data produced by transport infrastructures, whilst maintaining cost effective systems deployed on the cloud. Expand
Linked USDL Extension for Describing Business Services and Users' Requirements in a Cloud Context
How to extend Linked USDL in a way that permits to describe the services of a marketplace in support of automating the provisioning of service-oriented cloud-based business applications along with satisfying users' requirements is discussed. Expand
A cloud-based platform to ensure interoperability in aerospace industry
The work innovatively combines a two-phase semantic data mediation model to ensure interoperability, a cloud-based platform to enable complex collaboration scenarios and an implementation and the evaluation of the proposed approach in the aerospace industry. Expand
Towards Cloud Big Data Services for Intelligent Transport Systems
This paper presents a big data infrastructure using service oriented architecture that combines the high scalability of Cloud and the use of specialized services in a services oriented architecture to develop efficient and scalablebig data infrastructure adapted to transport systems. Expand
An Application Domain-Based Taxonomy for IoT Sensors
This paper presents the identification and categorization of the main sensors used these days to build IoT applications, arranged in a taxonomy of application domains and sensor measurement types, in the hope it can provide IoT designers, developers, and researchers with a snapshot of how sensors are currently used in the IoT application domains. Expand
Resolving Interoperability in Concurrent Engineering
To face an increasingly competitive environment within a globalization context, and to focus on core high-added value business activities, enterprises have to establish partnerships with otherExpand
Cloud-Based Business Applications Development Methodology
A "requirements vocabulary" is defined, which is based on linked USDL principles and aims to describe the application requirements in a high level of abstraction of the development details and avoids the huge technical background needed for cloud application development by automating the process of development. Expand
Avoiding Lock-In: Timely Reconfiguration of a Virtual Cloud Platform on Top of Multiple PaaS and IaaS Providers
We describe our work with a major telecom company in creating a broker that enables them to retain independence from the various PaaS and IaaS providers that they use to support their own SaaS offerExpand
Automatic run-time versioning for BPEL processes
A middleware solution for automatic run-time process versioning in Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) is described and its impact in terms of scalability and performance is analysed. Expand
Service-based negotiation for advanced collaboration in enterprise networks
A service-based negotiation framework for advanced collaboration in enterprise networks, as a solution to improve the sustainability of interoperability within enterprise information systems is proposed. Expand