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The YEASTRACT (http://www.yeastract.com) information system is a tool for the analysis and prediction of transcription regulatory associations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Last updated in June 2013, this database contains over 200,000 regulatory associations between transcription factors (TFs) and target genes, including 326 DNA binding sites for 113 TFs.(More)
BACKGROUND There is a common assumption that a normal ECG or a normal heart size on chest X-ray virtually rules out a diagnosis of heart failure. AIMS To assess the value of the electrocardiogram and chest X-ray in identifying patients with chronic heart failure in the community. METHODS AND RESULTS This study was a secondary analysis of data(More)
This paper presents a systematic literature review of the challenges, best practices, models, and tools in Distributed Software Development (DSD) Project Management. The objective is to collect and systematize reported knowledge in terms of what are the difficulties in managing DSD projects, what are the best practices to overcome these difficulties, and(More)
A brief survey of cortical development is presented, focusing on neuronal migration and its alterations. Corticogenesis is achieved through ordered temporospatial steps, via the formation of transient structures, and successive waves of cell proliferation and migration (followed by cell differentiation and maturation), and apoptotic cell death. The(More)
BACKGROUND The value of symptoms and signs in the diagnosis of CHF has rarely been tested in large numbers of patients in the community. The aim of this study was to evaluate the importance of symptoms, signs, and past medical history in the diagnosis of CHF in primary care. METHODS Data on a sample of Portuguese men and women attending 365 primary care(More)
Klippel-Feil syndrome, or synostosis of the cervical spine, is the result of an abnormal division of somites during embryonic development. This report analyses an adult male (exhumed from a Portuguese graveyard dating from the 13th to the 15th century) with malformations in the cranium and vertebral column. Besides the lesions that are typical of(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic heart failure (CHF) is common and is frequently managed by primary care physicians (PCPs). Despite the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Guidelines, standard treatments for CHF are frequently underutilised, particularly in primary care. AIM To evaluate current drug therapy for CHF in adults with HF diagnosed according to ESC(More)
Opportunistic Candida species often have to cope with inhibitory concentrations of acetic acid, in the acidic environment of the vaginal mucosa. Given that the ability of these yeast species to tolerate stress induced by weak acids and antifungal drugs appears to be a key factor in their persistence and virulence, it is crucial to understand the underlying(More)
AIM To validate and estimate the performance statistics and concordance of seven clinical questionnaires for the diagnosis of chronic heart failure (HF). METHODS Community-based epidemiological survey of patients aged >25 years attending a random sample of primary health care centers in Portugal. Heart failure was identified according to the Guidelines of(More)