Catarina A Canivet

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PURPOSE Little is known about the interaction between job control and social support at work on common mental disorders. To examine whether there is a synergistic interaction effect between job control and social support at work on general psychological distress and whether it differs by the level of job demands. METHODS About 1,940 male and female(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to investigate whether job strain, psychological demands, and decision latitude are independent determinants of disability pension rates over a 12-year follow-up period. METHODS We studied 3,181 men and 3,359 women, all middle-aged and working at least 30 h per week, recruited from the general population of Malmö,(More)
This paper presents a follow-up at 4 y of formerly colicky infants and controls, with respect to behaviour, temperament, eating and sleeping habits, psychosomatic complaints, number of hospital stays, growth and "family climate". There were no differences between the two groups in most parameters studied. However, ex-colicky children displayed more negative(More)
BACKGROUND Exhaustion is a concept of interest for both occupational health research and stress-disease theory research. The aim of the present study was to explore associations between chronic stressors, in terms of psychosocial working conditions, and exhaustion in a Swedish middle-aged population sample. METHODS A vocationally active population sample(More)
OBJECTIVES Insomnia and short and long sleep durations have all been linked to cardiovascular disease. Male gender and low socioeconomic status are also related to cardiovascular disease, but it is unclear whether these two factors modify the impact of poor sleep on cardiovascular disease incidence. METHODS Participants (5875 men and 7742 women ages 45 to(More)
A two-part population-based study investigating the occurrence of infantile colic was undertaken, in which 92% of mothers with newborn healthy infants were reached. In the prospective part 152 mothers ("diary group") registered crying and fussing in their infants during 12 weeks. In the retrospective part 224 mothers ("interview group") were contacted by(More)
Exhaustion is consistently found to be more prevalent in women than in men. Women suffer from job strain more often, which may constitute a partial explanation for this phenomenon, but experienced shortcomings in combining work and family demands may also contribute to ill health. The aim of this study was to investigate, and analyse by gender, how(More)
BACKGROUND The role of sleeping problems in the causal pathway between job strain and musculoskeletal pain is not clear. PURPOSE To investigate the impact of sleeping problems and job strain on the one-year risk for neck, shoulder, and lumbar pain. METHOD A prospective study, using self-administered questionnaires, of a healthy cohort of 4,140(More)
In this population-based study, we assessed the relation between socioeconomic and psychosocial conditions in 1,094 pregnant women and subsequent infantile colic by means of self-administered questionnaires measuring exposures in the 17th pregnancy week and telephone interviews at infant age 5 weeks. There was a higher risk of colic in infants born to(More)
AIMS A study was undertaken to assess the impact of psychological, psychosocial and socioeconomic factors on the risk of having a child with infantile colic. METHODS Psychosocial and psychological factors were assessed by self-administered questionnaires in the 17th, and by telephone interviews in the 35th-37th pregnancy weeks; infantile colic occurrence(More)