Catalina Palomo

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To evaluate mesopic contrast sensitivity in conditions of glare and no glare in a vehicle driver population, and to explore the effects of age, habitual spectacle correction, photopic visual acuity and driving exposure. A cross-sectional study was performed on 297 drivers stratified by age into six groups. The mesopic contrast sensitivity was measured in(More)
PURPOSE The exponential increase of patients having refractive surgery has increased the number of patients with night vision disturbances, such as decreased contrast sensitivity. However, there are no standard contrast sensitivity scales in normal persons in the mesopic range. We describe Pelli-Robson contrast sensitivity under photopic and mesopic(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The contamination of blood components by bacteria is an adverse event, which, although very uncommon, has an exceptionally high mortality rate. CASE REPORT A patient suffering from terminal adenocarcinoma of the ovary received a red blood cell unit. During the transfusion, the patient developed fever. Cultures of both the(More)
used for thyroid disease could generate a chromosomal aberration, particularly (t 9,22) (q34 q11) developing, with a long latency, CML or in this case Ph+ ALL. Although the risk of leukemia after 131I exposure cannot be considered a contraindication to 131I therapy, strict hematologic follow-up of patients submitted to 131I treatment is recommended.(More)
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