Catalina Oliva

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INTRODUCTION In the field of pancreatic surgery, robotic surgery has yet to be evaluated against open and laparoscopic approaches. The outcomes of robotic surgery for distal pancreatectomy were analysed and the results compared with those of laparoscopic and open procedures. METHODS Retrospective reviews were made of 47 patients who underwent distal(More)
INTRODUCTION Robotic surgery has gained worldwide acceptance in the past decade, and several studies have shown that this technique is safe and feasible. The aim of this study is to compare main outcomes of laparoscopic and robotic rectal resection. METHODS In total, 143 consecutive patients treated for rectal cancer in our department with laparoscopic or(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The majority of the time extended liver resections cannot be realized because of an insufficient future remnant liver. Baumgart suggests recently combining liver partition and portal vein section for staged hepatectomy, named ALPPS procedure. Our aim is to share our initial experience with ALPPS procedure and to perform the first(More)
As surgical resection remains the only hope for cure in pancreatic cancer (PC), more aggressive surgical approaches have been advocated to increase resection rates. Venous resection demonstrated to be a feasible technique in experienced centers, increasing survival. In contrast, arterial resection is still an issue of debate, continuing to be considered a(More)
CONTEXT The clinical benefits of distal pancreatectomy with en bloc celiac axis resection for locally advanced pancreatic body cancer remains controversial and, therefore, declared unresectable in most cases. Appleby first described extended distal pancreatectomy with celiac axis resection for locally advanced gastric cancer. CASE REPORT We report a case(More)
INTRODUCTION Giant pancreatic insulinomas are rare endocrine tumors. We describe 2 cases reviewing the current literature. PRESENTATION OF CASE We report herein 2 female patients affected by giant insulinomas of 14cm and 6cm, respectively. Symptomatic hypoglycemia episodes occurred during 4 months in first case and 3 years in the second one until(More)
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