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AIMS To answer the following research questions: (a) is there an association between violent victimization and exposure to opportunities to use marijuana, inhalants and cocaine and (b) is there an association between violent victimization and actual drug use among youth with drug-using opportunities? DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. SETTING Two middle(More)
This study evaluated the link between relatives' criticism of overweight or obese teenage girls' figure and body weight and their relationship with their mothers, fathers and siblings, affection, self-esteem, the internalization of the aesthetic body thin ideal, depressive symptoms and disordered eating behaviors (DEB). The sample comprised 2174 senior high(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the internal consistency, as well as the construct, concurrent and external consistency of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D-R) in Mexican adolescents. MATERIAL AND METHODS The data are from two samples of middle-school students from Mexico City. The questionnaire included the CES-D-R and other scales for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of suicidal ideation and the symptomatic profile as well as to identify the sociodemographic characteristics highlighting female adolescents with the highest scores on suicidal ideation in adolescents living in Mexico City: students and suicidal patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS A cross-sectional and ex-post-facto study(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the social representation guiding decisions of parents of teenage drug users to face consumption of their children. MATERIAL AND METHODS A qualitative study using free lists, characterization questionnaires, and in-depth interviews was performed among 60 systematically selected parents of young drug users who were receiving treatment(More)
Among adolescents--especially, early adolescents, social relationships with your peer group are an important element so that new, mature social relationships can be established, with your best friends (peers) competing with your family. Obviously, this new relationship system demands both negotiations and arrangements, while bearing on your emotional state.(More)
Determine the structure of depressive symptoms among adolescents and older adults through the person-centered approach of latent class analysis (LCA). The study is based on data from two independent samples collected in Mexico City (2,444 adolescents and 2,223 older adults) which included the revised version of the CES-D. The presence or absence of(More)
Suicide is an important public health problem that requires a preventive approach. The present study aimed at assessing suicidal behaviors and their relations with other psychosocial factors in Campeche, Mexico, in order to inform the design of potential preventive interventions. A multistage probability sample of 2386 students representative of all middle(More)
INTRODUCTION. Previously, amputation was the only treatment option for patients with malignant bone tumors. Due to technological, medical and surgical advances, the number of survivors and years of survival has been increasing, and thus, the interest in evaluating the impact of this disease on quality of life. OBJECTIVE. To evaluate the health related(More)
The human behavior and its social determinants are critical variables for understanding the etiology, treatment, and prevention of many disorders previously attributed to biological substrates. Among the many categories of human behavior to receive special attention from health researchers and practitioners are life events, coping responses and emotional(More)
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