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We studied a group of 162 patients(89 females, 73 males), with ages between 15-30 years, who complained of blurred vision at near work. 98 patients(60.4%) were diagnosed with convergence insufficiency (C.I.), the rest of 64 patients(39.6%) had: low refractive errors, heterophoria and intermittent heterotropia. Patients with convergence insufficiency were(More)
Total pelvic exenteration (TPE) is a radical and aggressive procedure performed in the local advanced pelvic cancer started from any pelvic organ. The experience of 73 TPE performed for local invasive cancer and centro-pelvic recurrences with initial malignancy at the cervix (45 cases), rectum (19 cases), vagina (5 cases), endometrial (3 cases) and urinary(More)
Retinoschisis is a vitreo retinal dystrophy characterized by splitting of the neuroretinal layers. The paper presents two cases of retinoschisis associated with retinal detachment. As a particularity, one patient was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease and the other one, with otomandibular dysostosis (Francois-Haustrade). There are presented therapeutical(More)
Carcinoma of the vagina is a very rare disease. Primary vaginal carcinoma tends to spread by local invasion of the adjacent pelvic organs (without any kind of metastases) and secondarily through lymphatic channels. The aim of this report is to add observations concerning the surgical treatment of this rare occurrence of carcinoma. The 33-year old patient's(More)
Total pelvic exenteration leaves a major defect in pelvic-perineal region. Delayed healing, bowel fistulae, occlusion or protrusion and infection are frequent complications of this procedure. During 2000-2006, in General Surgery and Liver Transplantation Fundeni, 73 patients with advanced pelvic cancer and invasive recurrences were operated. For 42(More)
Iopidine is an a 2 agonist with a few indications in glaucoma treatment. 48 patients with medically uncontrolled POAG and PACG were treated with ALT and Nd-Yag iridotomy. In lot A Iopidine was instilled 30' before and immediately after laser treatment and in lot B Iopidine was delivered only postlaser. The mean and percent change in intraocular pressure(More)
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