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The water quality is critical as it sustains life. In order to avoid catastrophic situations a decision support system in the water pollution scenario must offer reliable and on time information. Prediction plays in this case a very important role. The paper presents a biologically inspired method to predict values of a temporal series and how this can be(More)
Nowadays energy-awareness represents a big challenge for cloud computing infrastructures as the adoption of cloud computing become a certain fact and together with the increasing costs for energy, calls for energy-aware methods and techniques. The storage system represents an important factor for energy consumption in a data center. Thus this paper, in the(More)
Cloud Computing technologies can fundamentally contribute to business processes in agriculture, through enhancing traditional farm management systems, by integrating processes like, monitoring, operation farm management, with cloud specific capabilities, which will lead to an increased productivity. Based on this idea we propose, in this paper, a(More)
Minimizing the application running cost becomes a must in our day when Cloud Computing offers support for a large variety of applications. Being at the confluence with Cyber infrastructures and Big Data platforms, Cloud systems support efficient and effective workflows. Due to the increase in computational power for executing workflows, the need for(More)
Cost models are fundamental building blocks for cloud computing. Cloud providers offer a very wide portfolio of services, while Cloud clients access them against some financial arrangement. There is a fundamental trade-off between what Cloud provider can offer in terms of resources (software or hardware), services (e.g., storage, e-mail) cost and what Cloud(More)
Large scale, cyber-infrastructure systems include a large base of heterogeneous data sources, geographically distributed. Cloud storage services can be an ideal candidate for storing all these data. However, it is difficult to find the optimal solution in order to select a set of storage providers, with respect to different multiple objectives of this type(More)
River water quality nowadays represents a major concern. Performing water monitoring, in order to detect the pollutant with wireless sensor networks is not enough. Furthermore, the solution to place more sensors for monitoring is not cost efficient as this type of sensors are very expensive. In the case of a pollution accident on a river, it is mandatory to(More)
Monitoring large scale distributed systems such as Grids environments represents a means for obtaining a quantitative and qualitative measurement of performance by collecting information relevant to environment and applications running on the Grid. This paper proposes a solution for Grid monitoring on Grid Gain middleware platform using both indirect(More)
Modern cloud computing applications developed from different interoperable services that are interfacing with each other in a loose coupling approach. This work proposes the concept of the Virtual Machine (VM) cluster migration , meaning that services could be migrated to various clouds based on different constraints such as computational resources and(More)