Catalin Leordeanu

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—Recently there has been a great need to provide an adequate security level in Cloud Environments, as they are vulnerable to various attacks. Malicious behaviors such as Denial of Service attacks, especially when targeting large-scale data management systems, cannot be detected by typical authentication mechanisms and are responsible for drastically(More)
In this paper, based on a thorough analysis of different policies for DAG scheduling, an improved algorithm ICPDP (Improved Critical Path using Descendant Prediction) is introduced. The algorithm performs well with respect to the total scheduling time, the schedule length and load balancing. In addition, it provides efficient resource utilization, by(More)
This paper presents an original approach to the development of models, methods and techniques for increasing reliability, availability, safety and security of large scale distributed systems, particularly Grids and Web-based distributed systems. The characteristics of these systems pose problems to ensuring dependability, especially because of the(More)
—High availability is a desired feature of a dependable distributed system. Replication is a well-known technique to achieve fault tolerance in distributed systems, thereby enhancing availability. We propose an approach relying on replication techniques and based on monitoring information to be applied in distributed systems for fault tolerance. Our(More)