Castro Paredes

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1 Problem An electric charge Q moves with constant angular velocity ω in a circle of radius a whose origin is at the center of a grounded, conducting sphere of radius b < a. What is the magnetic field at the center of the sphere according to an observer that moves with charge Q? 2 Solution In the (rotating) frame of the observer no " ordinary " charge is in(More)
Three hundred and twelve shells of Sanguinolaria cruenta were collected in May 1999 in a sandy beach in Tucacas, Falcón, Venezuela. For each shell, antero-posterior length (Lap), overall height (Al), wide (An), weight (Pe), valves area (Arv), anterior length (La) and dorsal height (Ad) were measured. The descriptive statistic of the studied individuals,(More)
Distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE) offer an alternative to transiently evoked otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE) as an audiological test. The former can be used as a screening technique, and may also provide frequency-specific information about the functional state of the cochlea. We recorded DPOAE in a group of healthy newborns to establish the(More)
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