Castor Muñoz Sobrino

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This paper presents a re-assessment of the evidence of beech (Fagus sylvatica) presence on the NW Iberian Peninsula in the different stages of the Late Quaternary. For this purpose, numerous pollen diagrams were re-examined and the present-day distribution of the species was documented. Beech pollen has been recorded in different periods, before the Würm(More)
Comparisons of climate model hindcasts with independent proxy data are essential for assessing model performance in non-analogue situations. However, standardized palaeoclimate data sets for assessing the spatial pattern of past climatic change across continents are lacking for some of the most dynamic episodes of Earth's recent past. Here we present a new(More)
Our aim is to determine the population dynamics of Fagus sylvatica L. during the last 4,000 cal. BP in NW Iberia and the causes of its spatial and temporal patterns, previous palaeoecological studies having shown that between the Upper Pleistocene and the recent Holocene Fagus survived in this region. A number of pollen sites have allowed a reconstruction(More)
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