Cassio Eduardo Lima de Paiva

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Trehalose is a disaccharide present in a variety of anhydrobiotic organisms which have the ability to promptly resume their metabolism after addition of water. It has been successfully used as a nontoxic cryoprotectant of enzymes, membranes, vaccines, animal and plant cells and organs for surgical transplants. It has been predicted that trehalose can also(More)
The distribution of GnRH in the brain of the teleost Pygocentrus notatus was demonstrated with the avidin-biotin peroxidase immunocytochemical method using highly specific antibody against synthetic mammalian GnRH. Optimal immunoreaction was obtained using: 1) Bouin's fluid for fixation; 2) repeated incubation with primary antiserum; 3) the use of a(More)
Trehalase is the enzyme which hydrolyzes the disaccharide trehalose into two alpha-D-glucose molecules. In this article, we present the immobilization of trehalase on aminopropyl glass particles. The enzyme was extracted from Escherichia coli Mph2, a strain harboring the pTRE11 plasmid, which contains the trehalase gene. The partially purified enzyme had a(More)
1. Two types of nylon-6 supports (small cylinders and a sponge-like derivative) were prepared for immobilizing enzymes. Nylon-6 beads were solubilized by immersion in 80% formic acid and then reprecipitated using two different types of non-solvent solutions (distilled water or a 1:1 acetone:water solution) giving rise to a sponge-like derivative and to a(More)
1. Trehalase was partially purified from Escherichia coli and characterized. The Km for trehalose was 0.78 mM, the pH optimum 5.5 and the temperature optimum 30 degrees C. 2. Trehalase represented approximately 50% of the total protein released by osmotic shock. The preparation was free of nonspecific carbohydrate hydrolases, which act on sucrose, galactose(More)
The catecholamines noradrenaline (NA), dopamine (DA), and adrenaline (A) were measured in hypothalamic and telencephalic extracts of the Venezuelan freshwater fish "caribe colorado," Pygocentrus notatus, at different stages of the reproductive cycle. The concentration of NA was found to be significantly higher in the telencephalon than in the hypothalamus,(More)
The Finite Element Method (FEM) was used in many fields of engineering with the advanced of computers programs, and in lasts years have begun to evaluate pavements structures. In the transition at different structures of pavement, the behavior of the materials has resulted in the differential settlement response when they are loaded. A three-dimensional(More)
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