Cassia Trojahn

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In this paper we present a methodology for building comparable corpus, using multilingual ontologies of a scpecific domain. This resource can be exploited to foster research on multilingual corpus-based ontology learning, population and matching. The building resource process is exemplified by the construction of annotated comparable corpora in En-glish,(More)
Top-level ontologies play an important role in the construction and integration of domain ontologies, providing a well-founded reference model that can be shared across knowledge domains. While most efforts in ontology matching have been particularly dedicated to domain ontologies, the problem of matching domain and top-level ontologies has been addressed(More)
  • Élodie Thiéblin, Fabien Amarger, Ollivier Haemmerlé, Nathalie Hernandez, Cassia Trojahn
  • 2016
This paper presents a mechanism for rewriting SPARQL queries based on complex ontology correspondences. While the usefulness of simple correspondences, involving single entities from both source and target ontologies, has long been recognized, query rewriting requires more expressive links between ontology entities expressing the true relationships between(More)
This paper presents the results obtained by LPHOM (Linear Program for Holistic Ontology Matching) system in the OAEI 2016 campaign. This is the first participation of our system in the OAEI campaigns. It has participated in four tracks (Benchmark, Anatomy, Conference, and Multifarm). We report here a general discussion on the results and on the future(More)
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