Cassandre Creswell

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This paper presents the syntactic annotation level of a project aimed at providing a small dialog corpus with multiple levels of annotation. The syntactic annotation is based on dependency syntax. We outline the reasons for choosing dependency, and show the syntactic annotation for some constructions. We finish by describing the current state of the project.
Most approaches to event extraction focus on mentions anchored in verbs. However, many mentions of events surface as noun phrases. Detecting them can increase the recall of event extraction and provide the foundation for detecting relations between events. This paper describes a weakly-supervised method for detecting nominal event mentions that combines(More)
Surface realization in statistical natural language generation is based on the idea that when there are many ways to say the same thing, the most frequent option based on corpus counts is the best. Based on data from English and Finnish, we argue instead that all options are not equivalent, and the most frequent one can be incoherent in some contexts. A(More)
Previous research has shown that certain discourse conditions are necessary for the felicitous use of non-canonical syntactic forms like topicalization, left-dislocation, and clefts. However, the distribution of these forms does not correlate one-to-one with the presence of these conditions, and a system that generates these statistically-rare forms based(More)
Like speakers of any natural language, speakers of English potentially have many different word orders in which to encode a single meaning. One key factor in speakers' use of certain non-canonical word orders in English is their ability to contribute information about syntactic and semantic discourse relations. Explicit annotation of discourse relations is(More)
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