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Catarrhine hallucal metatarsals from the early Miocene site of Songhor, Kenya.
The morpho-functional diversity of Songhor Mt1s is consistent with an extensive morphological and phylogenetic catarrhine diversity in the early part of the Miocene epoch.
Impact of a Student-Run Clinic in a Non-Profit Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility for Women [32B]
A randomized single blind trial in patients undergoing speculum examination during their well woman gynecologic visit to rate the pain perceived during the speculum exam using the Wong-Baker facial grimace scale.
Portrayals of the Virgo in Plautine Comedy
This thesis presents a literary study of three subtypes of the maiden stock character in Plautine Comedy: the silent virgo, the meretrix-virgo, and the virgo in transition. The comic maiden is