Cassandra Mensing

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This study describes and compares patients' reports of somatic symptoms and physicians' ratings of the same symptoms in patients with chronic non-cancer-related and cancer-related pain. Ninety-seven patients with chronic non-cancer-related pain and 100 patients with chronic cancer-related pain reported somatic symptoms using a newly developed checklist of(More)
BACKGROUND Irritant dermatitis of the face and neck is particularly prevalent in women > or = 30 years old, who typically present with periocular cutaneous symptoms. Current therapies are limited, indicating a need for rapid, effective alternatives. Pimecrolimus cream 1%, a nonsteroid, cell-selective inhibitor of inflammatory-cytokine release, is effective(More)
A patient developed malignant atrophic papulosis with only cutaneous manifestation. Repeated coloscopy uncovered no malignant papules in the colon. Referring to the literature, the value of permanent anticoagulant therapy is discussed. In contrast to the term "malignant" atrophic papulosis, there also seems to be a variant with a benign clinical course.
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