Cassandra J Nikolaus

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Previous studies have shown a reduction in corpus callosum area in advanced Alzheimer's disease, but it is unclear whether callosal atrophy is present in the transitional phase between health and the onset of dementia. The aim of this study was to investigate whether callosal atrophy is present in subjects with questionable and mild dementia and to assess(More)
OBJECTIVES To inform future initiatives to encourage vegetable intake, we explored how spice and herb (S/H) use with vegetables was related to consumer characteristics. METHODS A questionnaire collected information on S/H liking and use frequency, whether S/Hs were used when cooking vegetables, and belief that consumers could use S/Hs when cooking(More)
As a basis for establishing dosing guidelines in order to avoid side effects due to overdosage, the concentrations of total and free non-protein bound clofibrinic acid (CA) were determined before and after the administration of a single clofibrate dose (0, 2, 6, 12, 24, 48, 72, 96h) in patients with various degrees of impaired renal function and in a(More)
Clinical-epidemiological screening procedures of periodontal conditions, which support on presence or absence of gingival bleeding or periodontal pockets, underestimate the severity of periodontal disease and do not reflect disease changes. The attachment level index might be a useful adjunctive tool for characterizing the pattern of severity as well as(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated the feasibility of a menu-planning workshop led by adults or by adolescents (ie, peers), delivered to parents and their adolescent children. METHODS We randomly assigned a convenience sample of 15 parents and their 17 adolescent children to menu-planning workshops taught by either an adult or peer leader. We conducted process(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate evidence regarding grocery store tours as an effective nutrition education medium for improving nutrition knowledge and food-related behaviors. DESIGN A systematic literature review of studies published from 1984 to 2015 concerning grocery store (or supermarket) tours and impact on nutrition knowledge and behaviors. Three(More)
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