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Two methods can be used to assess the intra-cuff pressure of tracheostomy tubes: digital palpation of the pilot balloon and use of a hand-held manometer. We conducted a telephone survey to determine the prevalence of both methods in intensive care units within 21 teaching hospitals across the United Kingdom. Forty-two per cent of the intensive care units(More)
Between 1959 and 1980, 590 evaluable patients received a full course of radiation therapy as primary treatment of invasive epidermoid carcinoma of the cervix. At follow-up visits conducted between 1 and 3 months after the completion of radiation, 72 patients had physical or biopsy findings indicative of persistent disease (PER), whereas an additional 36 had(More)
OBJECTIVE We a describe technique for correction of internal nasal valve incompetence (INVI) using functional rhinoplasty (FRP) with combined cartilaginous batten and spreader grafts and report the functional and cosmetic outcomes. DESIGN Prospective series using subjective improvement in nasal airway and quality of life. SETTING Subregional ENT centre,(More)
Keypoints * There are concerns over the efficacy of free cartilage autografts in attic reconstruction (scutumplasty) for combined approach tympanoplasty (CAT). * Our operative technique uses free conchal cartilage autografts and an additional piece of conchal cartilage to buttress the reconstruction. * Of the 16 cases where this technique was used, there(More)
BACKGROUND Visual inspection for xanthochromia is used to diagnose subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), to validate computed tomography subarachnoid hemorrhage diagnosis and was used to determine the Walton rule. No study has assessed the reliability of xanthochromia. OBJECTIVE To determine intraobserver and interobserver xanthochromia agreement. METHODS Mock(More)
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