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Perceptions of lawyers—a transnational study of student views on the image of law and lawyers
This article reports a survey of first year law students (1Ls) on their first day of class in the United States, England, Scotland, Germany, Australia, and Argentina. The survey asked about the 1L'sExpand
The moral choice of inFAMOUS: law and morality in video games
With increasing capacity for real-life simulation, high definition graphics, and complex interactive narrativity, video games now offer a high level of sophisticated engagement for players, whichExpand
'Riddle me this...?' would the world need superheroes if the law could actually deliver 'justice'?
As an entertainment and cultural icon, the costumed superhero pervades our culture, and superhero imagery (in both literary and visual forms) is ubiquitous (Morris and Morris 2005: ix).1 SuperheroExpand
The Extreme Makeover Effect of Law School: Students Being Transformed by Stories
I. In t r o d u c t io n 1 II. T h e U n iq u e P o sit io n o f t h e F ir st-Y e a r L a w S t u d e n t ...... 3 III. G e ttin g a “N e w L o o k ”. . . H o w L a w S c h o o l is L ik e a n E x tExpand
What's in a hashtag? Vulnerability as a transformative disposition within social media
This article focuses on the disposition of vulnerability as expressed within social media using hashtags. It argues that individuals use and facilitate emotion within social media narratives to frameExpand
Through the looking glass: the framing of law through popular imagination
It has been 150 years since the first publication of Lewis Carroll’s acclaimed children’s fiction Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and it remains a book that is appreciated widely across culture forExpand
Law Text Culture
‘Fear’ and ‘Hope’ in Graphic Fiction: The Schismatic Role of Law in an Australian Dystopian Comic
The rise in popularity in recent times of dystopian fiction (particularly among young adults) is reflective of contemporary anxieties about law: the inhumanity of judicial-coercive machinery; theExpand