Cassandra D M Churchill

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Noscapine, a naturally occurring opium alkaloid, is a widely used antitussive medication. Noscapine has low toxicity and recently it was also found to possess cytotoxic activity which led to the development of many noscapine analogues. In this paper we report on the synthesis and testing of a novel noscapine analogue. Cytotoxicity was assessed by MTT(More)
The ability of a dinucleoside monophosphate to mimic the conformation of B-DNA was tested using a combination of different phosphate models (anionic, neutral, counterion), environments (gas, water), and density functionals (B3LYP, MPWB1K, M06-2X) with the 6-31G(d,p) basis set. Three sequences (5'-GX(Py)-3', where X(Py) = T, U or (Br)U) were considered,(More)
Our previous work identified an intermediate binding site for taxanes in the microtubule nanopore. The goal of this study was to test derivatives of paclitaxel designed to bind to this intermediate site differentially depending on the isotype of β-tubulin. Since β-tubulin isotypes have tissue-dependent expression--specifically, the βIII isotype is very(More)
A variety of topics are reviewed in the area of mathematical and computational modeling in biology, covering the range of scales from populations of organisms to electrons in atoms. The use of maximum entropy as an inference tool in the fields of biology and drug discovery is discussed. Mathematical and computational methods and models in the areas of(More)
The clinically approved taxanes (paclitaxel, docetaxel and cabazitaxel) target the tubulin protein in microtubules. Despite the clinical success of these agents, the mechanism of action of this class of drugs remains elusive, making rational design of taxanes difficult. Molecular dynamics simulations of these three taxanes with the αβ-tubulin heterodimer(More)
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