Cassandra D. Ford

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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to describe the perceptions of Southern, rural, African American women regarding personal and environmental factors that affect their hypertension. DESIGN A purposive sample of 25 African American women aged 40-74 years, who lived in rural Alabama, participated in seven Talking Circles for 60 minutes. RESULTS Most felt that(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe correlates of measured systolic blood pressure (SBP) among community-dwelling older African American and White Medicare beneficiaries. METHODS Participants completed an in-home assessment and factors significantly correlated with SBP were tested using multivariable models. RESULTS Among the 958 participants (mean age= 75.3 [SD =(More)
INTRODUCTION There are limited reports on the association of psychosocial factors with unhealthy behaviors, which are key mediators in the psychosocial-cardiovascular disease pathway. The Jackson Heart Study was used to examine the associations of multiple psychosocial factors with behaviors among African Americans. METHODS The Jackson Heart Study is a(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to explore 3 research questions: (1) What are the perceived benefits of screening for prostate cancer (PC)? (2) What are the perceived barriers to screening for PC? and (3) Is there an association with perceived benefits or perceived barriers and participants' reported source of influence related to prostate cancer(More)
Qualitative researchers are increasingly using the Internet to conduct their studies; however, they need to adhere to the same ethical principles used when conducting traditional research studies. Students also must be aware of these ethical principles and know how to critique research reports for adherence to them. The authors describe selected ethical(More)
Siddharth Agarwal Anju Aggarwal Jennifer Ahern Balsam Ahmad Jim Anthony Miguel Arana Alice Asher Josh Bamberger Barbara Baquero Cristina Barroso Rachel Barry Francisco I. Bastos Abigail Batchelder Jose A. Bauermeister Goran Belojevic Charmian Bennett Bret Blackmon Luisa N. Borrell Betsy Breyer Judith S. Brook Christoph Buck Waleska Caiaffa Adam Carrico(More)
Focus groups were conducted with 33 community dwelling, urban and rural, custodial grandparents to explore their willingness to comply with a behavioral intervention targeting improving their well-being and financial management. Most participants were African American (91%), female (79%) and middle-aged. Major themes included: 1) inability to access social(More)
To provide high-quality, safe, patient-centered care, RNs must exhibit a strong understanding of legal and ethical issues. The authors describe an interdisciplinary teaching learning strategy, the premock, actual, and postmock trial, to augment student retention of legal and ethical concepts and enhance the development of their personal accountability.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aims of the current study were to (i) assess older people's awareness of the association between CVD risk factors and cognitive function; and (ii) examine whether awareness varies as a function of demographic factors. BACKGROUND Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors have been linked to subtle deficits in cognitive function. CVD(More)