Casper Thomsen

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This paper studies filter and hybrid filter-wrapper feature subset selection for unsupervised learning (data clustering). We constrain the search for the best feature subset by scoring the dependence of every feature on the rest of the features, conjecturing that these scores discriminate some irrelevant features. We report experimental results on(More)
We consider weighted Reed-Muller codes over point ensemble S1 × · · · × Sm where Si needs not be of the same size as Sj. For m = 2 we determine optimal weights and analyze in detail what is the impact of the ratio |S1|/|S2| on the minimum distance. In conclusion the weighted Reed-Muller code construction is much better than its reputation. For a class of(More)
Advanced pulmonary disease (APD), often secondary to emphysema or chronic bronchitis, is generally a progressive, incurable condition, ultimately leading to death. The condition is associated with significant, distressing symptoms. Most APD patients are underweight, which has numerous implications including accentuation of reduced physical capacity during(More)
Using tools from algebraic geometry and Gröbner basis theory we solve two problems in network coding. First we present a method to determine the smallest field size for which linear network coding is feasible. Second we derive improved estimates on the success probability of random linear network coding. These estimates take into account which monomials(More)
Das Perthes-Syndrom, auch Perthes-Braun-Syndrom genannt, mit dem charakteristischen Bild der petechialen Blutungen und blauroten Zyanose von Hals und Gesicht sowie subkonjunktivalen Hämorrhagien gilt als wichtiges Zeichen einer schweren Thoraxkompression. Als ursächlich für diese Symptomatik wurde von Perthes eine akute Druckstauung der weitgehend(More)
No single therapeutic procedure exists for the treatment of perforated duodenal ulcers, and a marked degree of bias is found in published results. These studies are analysed, and a therapeutic schedule proposed which takes into account the chronicity of the ulcer lesion before perforation, the open or covered nature of the ulcer as shown by radiographic(More)
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