Caspar Ottersbach

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Road traffic crashes pose a major threat to individuals and national health systems. Developing countries account for 48% of motorized vehicles, but for 91% of the 1.3 million fatalities per annum. While ranked ninth among the causes of disabilities adjusted life years lost in 2004, crash injuries are projected to rise to third position by 2030. This(More)
BACKGROUND Contrast-enhanced whole-body computed tomography (also called "pan-scanning") is considered to be a conclusive diagnostic tool for major trauma. We sought to determine the accuracy of this method, focusing on the reliability of negative results. METHODS Between July 2006 and December 2008, a total of 982 patients with suspected severe injuries(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this investigation was to describe the current situation and atmosphere among residents and consultants in traumatology, using the results of a questionnaire. Wishes and needs concerning training programs in traumatology were addressed. METHODS A questionnaire consisting of 25 items was distributed among members of the German(More)
BACKGROUND Single-pass, contrast-enhanced whole body multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) emerged as the diagnostic standard for evaluating patients with major trauma. Modern iterative image algorithms showed high image quality at a much lower radiation dose in the non-trauma setting. This study aims at investigating whether the radiation dose can(More)
AIMS The aims of this study were to investigate the performance of the treatment version of the Readiness to Change Questionnaire (RCQ[TV]) among individuals currently receiving alcohol detoxification and to develop a treatment version of the Treatment Readiness Tool (TReaT[TV]). METHODS A total of 549 patients (86% men) recruited from two detoxification(More)
This article reviews basic characteristics of road traffic crashes of heavy vehicles and the current health status of truck drivers. It summarises previous findings from research with a focus on orthopaedic diseases and injuries. These findings comprise a risky health behaviour and high prevalence of associated diseases which can be attributed to both the(More)
BACKGROUND In Vietnam, the number of road traffic accidents increased dramatically which is a major threat for the national health system. Reliable data on the magnitude of traffic accidents as well as the current management of victims is missing. Our multistep international cooperation project aims to (1) identify local needs and knowledge related to(More)
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