Caspar J. Goch

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Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is difficult, as symptoms vary greatly and are difficult to quantify objectively. Recent work has focused on the assessment of non-invasive diffusion tensor imaging-based biomarkers that reflect the microstructural characteristics of neuronal pathways in the brain. While tractography-based approaches typically(More)
There is an increasing interest in connectomics as means to characterize the brain both in healthy controls and in disease. Connectomics strongly relies on graph theory to derive quantitative network related parameters from data. So far only a limited range of possible parameters have been explored in the literature. In this work, we utilize a broad range(More)
An accurate segmentation of vascular systems is fundamental for many medical applications. Stability against different contrast levels and noise are very important. In this paper we propose an approach for the segmentation of the vascular system of the liver. It is based on the gradient vector flow (GVF) and Frangis vesselness measure. This method avoids(More)
OBJECTIVE Neurological soft signs (NSS) are core features of psychiatric disorders with significant neurodevelopmental origin. However, it is unclear whether NSS correlates are associated with neuropathological processes underlying the disease or if they are confounded by medication. Given that NSS are also present in healthy persons (HP), investigating HP(More)
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