Caslav Bozic

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The formation of intrapulmonary immune complexes in mice generates a vigorous inflammatory response characterized by microvascular permeability and polymorphonuclear neutrophil influx. Gene-targeted disruption of the substance P receptor (NK-1R) protected the lung from immune complex injury, as did disruption of the C5a anaphylatoxin receptor.(More)
There have been more studies on recovery rate modeling of bonds than of personal loans and retail credit. As far as the authors are aware, there exists no research of recovery rate modeling in retail credit for third-party buyers. The goal of this paper is to fill this gap. In our study, over nine million defaulted or non-performing consumer credit data(More)
Purity: >95% as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis. Biological Activity: The biological activity was determined by measuring the dose dependent mobilization of intracellular calcium (calcium flux) of human neutrophils. Significant calcium mobilization is observed with >50 ng/mL of recombinant mouse KC. The optimal concentration for each specific application(More)
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