Casimiro Corbacho

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The development of new therapeutic strategies is essential for the management of gliomas, one of the most malignant forms of cancer. We have shown previously that the growth of the rat glioma C6 cell line is inhibited by psychoactive cannabinoids (I. Galve-Roperh et al., Nat. Med., 6: 313-319, 2000). These compounds act on the brain and some other organs(More)
Hypermethylation of exon 1 of p16INK4a was examined in tumour and plasma DNA of a series of breast cancer patients. De novo methylation was observed in the tumours of eight patients (23%), and in plasma DNA in five (14%) of these eight patients. Our data show that de novo methylation of exon 1 of p16INK4a can be demonstrated in plasma DNA of breast cancer(More)
We study the usefulness of the haematocrit as a predictor of body condition in birds, using a captive population of the endangered species Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita). This population is 14% of the worldwide captive population, which is far greater than the known free-living population. The haematocrit, body mass and body condition index(More)
Environmental conditions during early development may differentially affect male and female offspring, and the effects of this sex–environment interaction in chick performance may be exaggerated under harsh conditions. In birds, most of the currently available evidence on sex-biased environmental sensitivity in nestlings is derived from species that display(More)
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