Casimir Lesiak

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Given an input-output map described by a nonlinear control system x = f(x, u) and non-linear output y = h(x), we present a simple straightforward means for obtaining a series representation of the output y(t) in terms of the input u(t). When the control enters linearly x = f(x) + ug(x) the method yields the existence of a Volterra series representation. The(More)
Turkey breast and thigh muscles were excised immediately after slaughter and held from 0.25 to 4 h postmortem at 0, 12 or 30 °C to determine postmortem time and temperature effect on muscle pH, drip loss, sarcomere length, homogenate supernatant weight, salt-soluble protein and cooking yields. Higher temperature and longer storage time induced greater drip(More)
Two studies were conducted to determine 1) the effect of post-mortem time before chilling on hot boned prerigor breast muscle water-holding capacity (WHC), and 2) post-mortem temperature effect on sarcomere length and drip loss of uncooked breast, and shear force and WHC of turkey breast muscle that is hot-boned, marinated, and cooked. In Study 1, the(More)
The purpose of this project was to come out with a theoretical framework to standardize the solutions to the existing security challenges. The principal objectives were to contribute to the ongoing research to help improve the security measures on grid computing. Hypervisor security model, Host/Platform security model, Security Communication model and(More)
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