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The OpenMP source code repository (OmpSCR) is an infrastructure that we make available to the OpenMP community. It is based on a set of representative applications and it is supported by a Web site. The aim of this repository is to contribute to the knowledge and widespreading of OpenMP that in the recent times has become the standard tool for program(More)
The parallelization of the dynamic programming algorithm for the integral knapsack problem is approached from several perspectives. Two of them proceed by dividing the set of objects, while a third one proceeds by partitioning the set of capacities. Furthermore, we propose a new sequential algorithm and its parallelization by reducing the integral knapsack(More)
The article describes the parallel implementation of skeletons for the divide-and-conquer and branch-and-bound techniques. The user has to choose a paradigm and has to specify for it the type of the problem, the type of solution and the specific characteristics of the technique using the C++ programming language. This information is combined with the(More)