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The Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables [1] was the culmination of a quarter century of NBS work on core mathematical tools. Evaluating commonly occurring mathematical functions has been a fundamental need as long as mathematics has been applied to the solution of practical problems. In 1938, NBS initiated its(More)
We consider several classes of intersection graphs of line segments in the plane and prove new equality and separation results between those classes. In particular, we show that: • intersection graphs of grounded segments and intersection graphs of downward rays form the same graph class, • not every intersection graph of rays is an intersection graph of(More)
We introduce a method of decomposing the family of intervals along a cyclic permutation into chains to determine the size of the largest family of subsets of [n] not containing one or more given posets as a subposet. De Bonis, Katona and Swanepoel determined the size of the largest butterfly-free family. We strengthen this result by showing that, for(More)
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