Casey Snyder

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193 basically healthy working-class and middle-class mothers and their infants participated in a 4-year longitudinal study which focused on the relative potency of several clusters of variables for predictions of intellectual and language outcome during the preschool years. The major results were: (1) Measures of perinatal or infant physical status were(More)
The effect of parental life change on children's mental and social development was explored in a longitudinal study of 193 families. Data on life changes, social supports, home environment, child development and interactions were obtained in a series of nine interviews from before the child's birth to 48 months after birth. For the sample as a whole,(More)
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has been recognized by the World Health Organizathat examines the long-lasting psychological effects of the practice. The present study is a literature review of the relevant research addressing the negative psychological effects and cultural implications of counseling implications, this paper aims to introduce and explain(More)
The experience of providing a 3-month nursing program of care to infants and their families with physical, health, and social-environmental risks is presented. An individualized case approach was used which first involved a nursing assessment of the family, infant, and environmental needs and then was followed by subsequent appropriate nursing intervention.(More)
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