Casey Smith

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Clustering is ill-defined. Unlike supervised learning where labels lead to crisp performance criteria such as accuracy and squared error, clustering quality depends on how the clusters will be used. Devising clustering criteria that capture what users need is difficult. Most clustering algorithms search for optimal clusterings based on a pre-specified(More)
Streamlined constrained reasoning powerfully boosts the performance of backtrack search methods for finding hard combinatorial objects. We use so-called spatially balanced Latin squares to show how streamlining can also be very effective for local search: Our approach is much faster and generates considerably larger spatially balanced Latin squares than(More)
Electronic structure heterogeneities are ubiquitous in two-dimensional graphene and profoundly impact the transport properties of this material. Here we show the mapping of discrete electronic domains within a single graphene sheet using scanning transmission X-ray microscopy in conjunction with ab initio density functional theory calculations. Scanning(More)
Nano-Electro-Mechanical Switches (NEMS) are among the most promising emerging devices due to their near-zero subthreshold-leakage currents. This paper reports device fabrication and modeling, as well as novel logic gate design using "laterally-actuated double-electrode NEMS" structures. The new device structure has several advantages over existing NEMS(More)
SAS ® Office Analytics, SAS ® Visual Analytics, and SAS ® Studio provide excellent data analysis and report generation. When these products are combined, their deep interoperability allows you to take your analysis and reporting to the next level. Build interactive reports in SAS Visual Analytics Designer, and then view, customize, and comment on these(More)
Computerized medical records are continuing to be adopted in hospitals nationwide, but the vast majority of health care systems rely on paper records as well. Physician documentation of patient conditions must support a variety of functions, which often conflict with each other. The goal of this project was to redesign the daily note template for a Trauma(More)
SAS® Enterprise Guide® is a flexible and powerful tool in the hands of your users. However, as every superhero knows, with power comes responsibility. As an administrator, you want to ensure various groups of users have access to the specific resources they need to be as productive as possible, while at the same time protecting company assets and minimizing(More)
BACKGROUND Navajo Nation Community Health Representatives (CHR) are trained community health workers (CHWs) who provide crucial services for patients and families. The success of the CHRs' interventions depends on the interactions between the CHRs and their clients. This research investigates the culturally specific factors that build and sustain the(More)