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The triarylethylene antiestrogen tamoxifen (TAM) has been shown to undergo N-demethylation, 4-hydroxylation, and N-oxidation in animals and man. We have studied the effects of drug metabolism inhibitors metyrapone and SKF 525-A, and an inducer (phenobarbital), on these processes and on overall TAM metabolism, in the presence of rat and rabbit liver(More)
Models for cocultures of parenchymal (PC) and nonparenchymal cells (NPC) of the liver relied on mixing the cells in a two-dimensional configuration or on establishing spheroidal aggregates. In vivo hepatic nonparenchymal cells, such as endothelial cells and Kupffer cells, are separated from parenchymal cells by extracellular matrix (ECM). Due to their(More)
DDE and DMDE, degradation products of the pesticides DDT and methoxychlor, rapidly undergo an unusual photoisomerization in solution when exposed to sunlight. The isomerization involves the exchange of a vinyl chlorine and an ortho aromatic hydrogen. Other photoproducts identified were corresponding benzophenones and 1,1-diaryl-2-chloroethylenes. Quantum(More)
Energy is a high cost, imported commodity to most Alaskan utilities. Biogas digester systems, which take organic material into an airtight tank, where microbes break down the material under anaerobic conditions and release methane-rich biogas, may offer an alternative energy solution. Biogas can be burned as a fuel for cooking, heating, generating(More)
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